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The Perfect Jewelry Gift for an Expectant Mother

Amalia Fine Jewelry | Gem GossipAmalia Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Amalia Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Amalia Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Amalia Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip

So many of my friends, family, neighbors, and people in my life are expecting a new baby and when I'm close enough with that person, I know getting them a gift becomes a priority for me!  Being in my line of profession, you can bet that a piece of jewelry will be my gift of choice (you'll never catch me at a baby shower with a tower of diapers scultped into a shape or animal, that's for sure)! When I'm buying a piece of jewelry for a new mother, I often opt for something that is customized or personalized. I like doing monogram jewelry or birthstone jewelry, however lately I've noticed a trend happening with new babies, maybe you've noticed it too? Mothers aren't revealing baby names anymore until the birth and many have been keeping due dates tight-lipped. This leaves me even more clueless when customizing a baby gift!  I recently had a close friend who was due in December actually give birth in November, so luckily I didn't order a birthstone pendant like I thought I was going to!

Luckily, I stumbled upon a line of fine children's jewelry that is both affordable and is personalized called Amalia Children's Fine Jewelry. For example, their enameled safety pins are 18k yellow gold and come in either blue or pink, which makes it easy on the buyer because most people at least reveal the gender. It makes it personal enough with the color options (without being too custom, where you can't return something if it ends up being wrong), and with a great pricetag of $135 for a real piece of fine jewelry which can be an investment to the newborn baby! You can't go wrong! For most people, gifting diapers or clothes is the first choice, but to me, I see it as the baby will grow out of these clothes within a few weeks! So gifting a piece of jewelry is a better choice and a good investment in the long run.

I got the opportunity to check out both the pink and blue versions myself and I absolutely love them. They are ideal for the mom-to-be to wear on her charm necklace or hung from a thin gold chain. She can acquire one for every son or daughter she has, and eventually pass it along in the family as an heirloom. It is simple enough yet highly sentimental and personal. The quality is top-notch as well, as both sides of the safety pin are enameled and it opens and shuts with ease. 

So as the baby announcements continue to be celebrated, know that this is the perfect gift and keep this blog bookmarked for future reference!  I know it will come in handy for me and I can't wait to gift something that is valuable and timeless.

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Amalia Fine Jewelry.

Amalia Fine Jewelry


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Hire Me to Take Your Instagram Aesthetic from Zero to One Hundred

Gem Gossip Photography Ladybird Jewelry | Gem Gossip Ladybird Jewelry | Gem Gossip Ladybird Jewelry | Gem Gossip Ladybird Jewelry | Gem Gossip

With the new year, comes new projects and areas I'd like to devote more time to--work that makes me completely feel happy, work that I often get so lost into doing, I can't remember what day or time it is. I recently asked myself what part of my job makes me the most happy, and the answer is me behind my camera, being as creative as possible. That's what led me to open up a new realm of offerings for people in the jewelry industry. My photography skills put to the test and providing a slew of images for your use for your social media platforms. Imagine waking up everyday and not having to plan what you're going to post?! I'll have 30 photos awaiting in your Dropbox folder, one for each day of the month.

That's what I did for Nashville-based jewelry line Ladybird Jewelry, who came to me a month before Christmas. She knew the holidays would be way too busy for her to have to worry about trying to take beautiful, eye-catching photos for her Instagram while she was running around trying to fulfill orders and work with her clients. I spent a weekend with her entire inventory, snapping pictures, styling vignettes and taking my creativity to a new level. Emily of Ladybird Jewelry was over-the-moon with the end product and her first holiday season as a jewelry business was made a lot easier thanks to my photos.

If you'd like to try my services and want some photos for your Instagram or other social media platforms, please reach out! There are a few different packages to choose from, depending on how many photos you'd like or how in depth you need assistance, so feel free to email me at with the subject as "Please Take My Instagram from Zero to One Hundred" and I'll let you know if your brand qualifies and give you some options!


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The Ultimate Jewelry Book List

Jewelry Books | Gem Gossip Jewelry Books | Gem Gossip Jewelry Books | Gem Gossip Jewelry Books | Gem Gossip

It is no surprise that I love a good jewelry book. I get so excited when I hear about a new title debuting and often have a long wish list on my Amazon account. At one point, I was acquiring one new jewelry book per month and it was really enticing on many levels as it was a constant reminder to always keep learning. I ran into a few hiccups along my jewelry book journey--the first being not enough room to stack and store them as they continued to accumulate. Lucky for me, resolving that issue was easy, as we decided to move my husband's desk, computers and books into his own office, and I got to have the entire spare bedroom as my office. (Cue spreading out the jewelry books!)  I have four free-standing book shelves that I found at Bed Bath & Beyond for a great price, so now I have plenty of room. The other problem I ran into was a recent discovery and some of you caught on to it as well, as I received a few questions from readers noticing that the large compilation I had been keeping and updating over the past 4+ years suddenly disappeared! When I logged into Amazon, I realized that back in October they discontinued all the "A-stores" which was what that was. At first I was really angry and felt slightly defeated because I had been cultivating this list for so long, both with input from so many readers suggesting book titles, plus my entire book inventory, as well as hours upon hours of research. 

I decided to take a few days to put all the pieces back together, as Amazon has launched a new program called Amazon Influencers.  I applied and got accepted, so now I can keep a running list of all the jewelry books I have and recommend, keeping it all in one place!  Now, if you ever are in need of a jewelry book recommendation, you can link to my Amazon page and browse away!  

I've uploaded all the titles that I currently own, as well as added an abundance of ones that I've been wanting or are on my wish list.  I also was given the entire book list from Whitney Abrams' library, which she has amassed over 30 years. I'm slowly going through the titles and adding the ones that spark my interest!  In fact, I just purchased a title from her list and I cannot wait to read it once I finish this very blog post :)

Here is the link to the Ultimate Jewelry Book List.

Some titles I recommend, pictured above from my personal collection:



Best Instagram Accounts for Any Jewelry Lover

Instagram has become more than just a social media platform--and it is not just a phase or craze. So many creatives have started careers from this app, earn a living from this app, and are discovered by millions of people on a daily basis.  Anything that interests you has its very own community of Instagram devotees waiting to amuse you and entertain.  If you love jewelry, and I'm guessing you do since you have landed on here at Gem Gossip where it is a jewelry lover's dream, Instagram has its own community of sparkle lovers.  Whether you like fine designer jewelry, antique treasures, or are looking for some tastemakers in the jewelry industry to follow, I've chosen my top five favorites within a few separate categories (was really tough to narrow it down to just FIVE) for everyone to DEFINITELY follow!  Enjoy!

PS: My feed is shown above--sorry, I just couldn't include myself in my own "BEST OF" list...that would be, well...creepy.  But please follow my jeweled diary @GemGossip.



The Labradorite Skeletons... in 14k gold 😱 available in silver on the website and gold upon request!

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Timeless turquoise for my bohemian babes πŸ’ πŸ’™πŸ’  #JACrystals

A post shared by Jacquie Aiche (@jacquieaiche) on






Layered up in vintage #Tiffany and #Bulgari gold #necklaces at #CraigEvanSmall!

A post shared by Craig Evan Small (@craigevansmall) on


To all the moms out there, Happy Mothers Day! XOXO, B&B #bellandbirdSOLD

A post shared by Bell & Bird (@bellandbird) on



Back from vacation and open 12-4 today. Normal hours resume next week.

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It's always worth a trip to the @amnh just for a glimpse at these colorful specimens. βœ¨πŸ’Žβœ¨

A post shared by Levi Higgs (@levi_higgs) on




This is what I call statement jewellery! Ametrine and spinels cuff bracelet by JosΓ© Maria Goni @jmgdesigner exhibited at #IJL2017 @jewellerylondon booth S110

A post shared by KATERINA PEREZ/ΠšΠΠ’Π•Π Π˜ΠΠ ΠŸΠ•Π Π•Π— (@katerina_perez) on


@davidwebbjewels + @levi_higgs = a winning combo

A post shared by Sunny Bond Jewelry (@sunnybondjewelry) on



When you see your #hoorsenbuhs wrist game on @by_couture and @barneysny #flattered always available at #jaimiegellerjewelry

A post shared by Jaimie Geller Jewelry (@jaimiegellerjewelry) on


Put a ring on it πŸ’πŸ˜˜ #ring #stacks #vintage from @brokenenglishjewelry #BrokenEnglishJewelry

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The First Annual Town & Country Jewelry Awards Announced!

Town & Country Jewelry Awards

Town & Country announces their first annual Jewelry Awards and I am so excited about this! The jewelry industry needed its own dedicated award ceremony with multiple categories, which focus in on several specific and unique aspects of this industry. I'm not surprised by who took on this challenge, as Town & Country has always been the leading authority in jewelry coverage and continually features the cutting edge of new and upcoming talent in this field. What I like about this awards show, unlike a couple of the other jewelry awards programs, is the variety of categories. There are a total of 15 categories that range from gemstone of the year, to Philanthropist of the year, each just as significant as the other. Below you'll find a full rundown on the 2018 lineup, congrats to you all!  I'm excited to follow this and see it evolve in the upcoming years. Winners will be presented at a live event on March 15th.


TIFFANY & CO. - The one-of-a-kind necklace from the Blue Book Art of the Wild collection that Jessica Biel chose for the Oscars took almost a year to make.

IRENE NEUWIRTH - The tiara and matching earrings worn by Ruth Negga were custom made by L.A.-based Neuwirth from Gemfields rubies.

NIRAV MODI - The 103-carat diamond necklace worn by Taraji P. Henson showcased the Indian jeweler’s expertise in procuring rare stones.


BULGARI - The 33-piece New York collection marked the triumphant reopening of the Fifth Avenue flagship and the return of some of the house’s most iconic colors and motifs

TEMPLE ST. CLAIR - The American designer, creator of the wildly imaginative Golden Menagerie collection, became only the third American to have her jewelry in the permanent collection at the Louvre.

SILVIA FURMANOVICH - The hand-painted details of the Brazilian designer’s widely lauded India collection created wearable mini-masterpieces


TAFFIN BY JAMES DE GIVENCHY - A pioneer in the use of colored ceramics around even the rarest of stones.

COOMI - The designer is on a constant and singular quest to master ancient techniques and utilize found antiquities. This year’s results represented a profound mixture of past and present.

ALEXANDRA MOR - She discovered and introduced the Tagua seed, which mimics banned elephant ivory, into a sustainable High Jewelry collection.


LAUREN ADRIANA - She has been a Holy Grail for collectors for several years, but a solo exhibit at Phillips in March puts the young British designer in a new league.

ANA KHOURI - A High Jewelry collection and a new by-appointment-only atelier in NYC put Khouri in the spotlight.

BETH BUGDAYCAY - The enameled cigar band rings she creates under the Foundrae label began adorning hands of jewelry editors a few years ago. They have since become a modern classic.


AUDEMARS PIGUET/CAROLINA BUCCI - The young Florentine Bucci brought her trademark gold finish and a newfound subtlety to the classic Royal Oak.

CHOPARD/RIHANNA - What happened when two red carpet powerhouses sat down with sketches and stones? A wildly extravagant and voluptuous High Jewelry collection that is both show-stopping and collectible.

MESSIKA/GIGI HADID - In a year when courting millennials became a focus, the forward- thinking diamond company enlisted Hadid, a generational hero, to see what diamond jewelry looked like to them.


ANDREW GRIMA - Princess Margaret was a fan—Marc Jacobs too (pictured) — and in September, Bonhams sold the largest private collection of Grima ever presented, introducing a new generation to his cutting-edge designs.

VERDURA'S RAVENNA - A benefit of the Coco Chanel/Fulco di Verdura friendship, the Ravenna Cuff was born in 1932, a few years after the Maltese Cross Cuff, and was made again by Verdura this year for the first time in 80 years.

BOUCHERON - The company’s 160th anniversary kicked off with a standout Hiver Impérial High Jewelry collection. The momentum continues with an exhibition at the Paris Mint and the reopening of the Place Vendôme headquarters.


THE ASSAEL PEARLS - Perfectly matched pearls assembled over 40 years by one Tahitian pearl farmer. They are a testament to the power of nature—and to patience.

4 DE FEVEREIRO DIAMOND - The 163-carat de Grisogono stone was the largest D flawless ever to be auctioned. It was sold for $33.7 million at Christie’s, a record.

RED SPINEL (NO HEAT) - Rare, and sometimes mistaken for ruby, it’s a jewelry secret no more. But an unheated 16-carat Burmese spinel could only come via an expert stone hound like Martin Katz.


HARRY WINSTON - When the “King of Diamonds” comes into possession of a perfect 101-carat stone, what’s next? A 22-piece Legacy collection, all with D-color internally flawless diamonds.

REPOSSI - Gaia Repossi grew up in the jewelry world but made her particular mark in diamonds. The ear cuff trend that has brought the stone to a new audience? Credit goes to her.

FERNANDO JORGE - The Brazilian designer’s Brilliant series features his sensual lines, though not his signature colors. It was a worthwhile design risk — Brilliant has already won several awards.


MIKIMOTO – The company that discovered cultured pearls imagined a High Jewelry collection in which they shared space with rare stones; a new Mikimoto palette was born.

MIZUKI - The Privé collection used prized pearls Mizuki Goltz had been collecting for years. Their organic shape, however, remains recognizably hers.

NIKOS KOULIS - The Greek designer combined various cuts of diamond, and black enamel, with pearls to create a new jewelry geometry in his Lingerie collection


DAVID WEBB - Webb’s stone-studded animal bracelets can be daunting, but the company has been committed to equally bold yellow gold pieces for decades.

MICHAL KADAR - Michal Kadar’s European and North African heritage is evident in the sculptural lines of her collection. Her work has added new dimension and boldly unexpected shapes to design in gold.

MARCO BICEGO - Bicego trained in Italy’s Veneto region and has, consistently for 17 years, created pieces that are handcrafted and wearable. In fact, that is his mission.


CARTIER PANTHERE - After decades of passionate requests that Cartier bring the iconic watch of the 1980s back, the Panthère made its return this year. The passion has not abated.

ROLEX PAUL NEWMAN DAYTONA - The mythic timepiece (2017 model, left; original, right) made history this year, selling for $17.8 million in 12 minutes at Phillips in October.

OMEGA 1957 TRILOGY TRIO - How to mark the 60th anniversary of the Seamaster, Railmaster, and Speedmaster? Present them to collectors as one.


CHANEL - The house’s Flying Cloud collection—named after Coco Chanel’s lover’s yacht—expanded Chanel’s palette into rare Afghani lapis.

LOUIS VUITTON - The house underscored its commitment to fine craftsmanship with the High Jewelry workshop at the new Paris Maison and with a series of exclusive rare stone pieces.

DIOR - Victoire de Castellane has earned adulation with her signature sense of color. This year’s Versailles-inspired pieces proved her imagination equally remarkable.


BROOKE GARBER NEIDICH - The co-founder of the Child Mind Institute and Whitney Museum trustee donates all profits from her Sidney Garber collection to charity.

CARLO TRAGLIO - Vhernier's president introduced a limited edition pink opal and gold bangle, with proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

STEVEN LAGOS - Lagos donates all the profits from his Keep Memory Alive collection to the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas.


MARION FASEL - The longtime editor and author launched a website devoted entirely to jewelry. Fasel, a jewelry historian, has found a winning combination of scholarship and entertainment.

ON THE ROCKS - The semiannual jewelry magazine published in London fills its pages with an artful blend of profiles, and a fusion of jewelry with fashion and contemporary culture that marks an important new point of view.

LAUREN SANTO DOMINGO - This year alone the co-founder of the luxury site Moda Operandi has created an impressive roster of fine jewelers, both online and at Moda’s curated trunk shows. Also, note her Met jewelry look, pictured.


DAVID YURMAN - He has achieved global domination while keeping his independence and creating a design so iconic that a book was dedicated to it: David Yurman Cable.

SABINA BELLI - One of the few women leading a major jewelry brand, she has maintained Pomellato’s artisanal tradition while expanding and overseeing a stellar 50th-anniversary collection of one-of-a-kind rings.

JIM KERWIN - An industry insider who, for more than 25 years, has been an invaluable guide to navigating the media landscape, for both jewelry legends and those new to the market.


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