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Jewelry Road Trip: Antoinette's Antique Jewelry in Salt Lake City, UT

image-home IMG_20140228_150956412_HDR IMG_20140228_152148525_HDR antoinettes IMG_20140228_153123069_HDR IMG_20140228_161358099_HDR IMG_20140228_153021116_HDR

Maura of ShopFiligree recently got to visit Salt Lake City, Utah and was eager to find the best antique jewelry the city had to offer!  Luckily, she hit the jackpot at a beautiful shop called Antoinette's Antique Jewelry and has brought us along for the ride!

A bright, quiet, welcoming oasis set in the heart of scenic Salt Lake City, Antoinette’s Antique Jewelry serves up one-of-a-kind and high-quality antique treasures in impeccable condition -- truly, a collection worthy of the eye and hand of Marie Antoinette, herself.

37 years-strong, their motto -- “Spectacular art shouldn't just hang on your walls; it should adorn you. At Antoinette's we specialize in rare pieces of antique, handcrafted jewelry as unique as you are,” concisely conveys the shop’s unique caliber of jewels as well the team’s dedication to understanding their customers’ needs and…wants…well, OK, must-haves.  

Here you’ll find endless fodder for #showmeyourrings and beyond...One of the most breathtaking, irresistible and tightly curated antique jewelry selections (I’ll specifically call out rings…not that I had tunnel vision!) that I’ve come across in the country so far (it’s a bold claim, but I’m willing to testify with evidence, when and if the time should come).  Like a miniature, upscale candy shop for antique zealots and jewelry enthusiasts alike.  What did I purchase?  I was unable to leave the store without claiming the most charming Victorian gold and diamond clover ring…you know, just for good luck on the flight back home.
Of course attention to detail doesn’t end with the product -- the shop is regally decorated to support the namesake – a white settee in the window, ornate gold mirrors hang the wall, a Grecian bust to the counter-side, glimmering chandeliers, etc…But the team is far from pretentious or offstandish.

Tanya and Kerry are the third owners and curators of this fantastic bijouxterie… with a devoted (international!) cult following and even some New York clientele who travel cross-country to frolic in fields of bauble.  Together as a team, they possess a sophisticated understanding and passionate eye for the antiques they curate and the clientele who adore them.  The duo exudes authenticity, patience and clear knowledge of each individual piece and its vintage, (as evident by our long conversation discussing the significance and romance of mourning jewelry in a pre-social network universe and its importance despite the often thought “creep factor").

Established in 1977, the original location stood on State Street in SLC before moving to E Broadway.  Open six days a week, with no appointment necessary – their flexible hours are conducive to a leisurely browse should you find yourself in town for the day.  BUT...even if you can't make it out to gorgeous Utah, fear not -- for you can shop Antoinette's stellar collection online, too at where you can imagine yourself browsing with the scenic Wasatch mountain range as your backdrop.

Whether you’re looking for gentle guidance identifying the perfect engagement ring, or just hunting for something nobody else will have but you, Antoinette’s flaunts service and selection you can’t (and won’t) find anywhere else.

Reader Comments (1)

Let me begin by saying that I totally agree with the review of Antoinette's. In August of 2010, I attended a convention in Salt Lake City and while sightseeing in downtown I came across this charming antique jewelry store. Once inside I knew that the owner had impeccable taste and she graciously and patiently allowed me to indulge in my love of beautiful vintage jewelry. I too left with a piece of eye candy...a spectacular 1930's gold diamond watch. Whenever I wear it I feel that time is always on my side even when I'm late.

May 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAmelia

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